Hole Number Thirteen

Hole Thirteen

A tough par 4 (par 5 for ladies) with trees either side. Out of bounds on left and a ditch on the right. The left side of the fairway will give a good view of the large sloping green.


Peter Dutton Trophy winner Paul says “As with most long Par 4’s, the tee shot is crucial and hitting a good long drive down the left side of the fairway will open up the green nicely. Depending on the length of your drive your second shot could be up to 200 yards and if going for the green with this shot, avoid the shallow bunker that runs down the left hand side of the green and the large front right bunkers. The green itself is very long, with a slight dip at the front, so pay attention to where the flag is positioned as this will significantly affect club selection. Walking off this hole with a par is always an excellent achievement.”




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